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Apr 9, 2009

15. Sarpang

The Sarpang Dzongkhag is situated in the central southern foothills bordering India. The area of the dzongkhag stretches from Lhamoy Zingkha in the west to Manas National Park in the east. It encompasses a total gewographical area of approximately 2288 km2 (Source- LUPP). Its topographic features have undulated terrain with an elevation ranging from 200m to 3600 m above mean sea level.

The Dzongkhag is administratively divided into two Drungkhags viz. Gelephu and Lhamoy Zingkha, and consists of 15 gewogs. Five gewogs, namely Hilley, Dekiling, Senghe, Doban and Sarpangtar are under the jurisdiction of Dzongkhag headquarter. Seven gewogs namely Gelephu, Chhuzagang, Umling, Serzhong, Taklai, Jigmechhoeling and Bhur are under Gelephu Drungkhag while Lhamoy Zingkha, Deorali and Nichula gewogs are under Lhamoy Zingkha Drungkhag. The dzongkhag has 186 villages with 4395 households.