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Apr 10, 2009

News: Bhutan Today - Responsibilities and functions of the Geog Administrative Officer

The Prime Minister Lyonchhen Jigmi Y. Thinley said there is some confusion regarding the responsibilities and functions of the Geog Administrative Officer (GAO). He was talking to the Bhutanese media at a news conference which was also attended by the cabinet ministers yesterday.

The meeting was organized to mark the completion of one year in office by the first democratically elected government.

More than 100 journalists attended the conference at the royal banquet hall in the capital. They questioned the Prime Minister and the cabinet ministers on various issues from local governance and the role of the GAO, Christians in Bhutan, democracy, the role of DHI, RCSC, and the GNH Commission to tax on import of cars, allowance for private medical students, the morale of teachers and whether the government will allow people to purchase the TATA Nano car.

On local governance, the Prime Minister said the responsibilities, functions, and accountability of the GAO has not been clearly defined.

He said the GAO is an administrative officer and he is the person who provides administrative support to the Gup.

He said the issue concerning local governance, its function as well as the position of the geog administrative officers will be discussed during the meeting of the chairpersons of local government.

Source: BBS