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May 12, 2010

Bhutan: online system Security Clearance Certificate

The initiative to ease obtaining security clearance certificate (SCC) through an online system will run on a trial basis, starting today, for a month.

The system will be formally launched after June 11, to allow people from any part of the country with internet facility to process the certificate online. “It’ll take time to reach everywhere instantly, because some places aren’t connected with internet,” said home ministry’s assistant information and media officer, Jigme Singye.

Villagers would have to visit police outposts, which would be equipped with the new system, until the facility is extended to the 205 gewog administration offices. “The gewog administrative officer will guide villagers to register online.” Jigme Singye said. If the gewog is not connected with internet, villagers will have to go to dzongkhag police station.

Jigme Singye said that, along with the trial run, they would observe how helpful the system was and get views and feedback from the people. “Through feedback, if required, then we’ll advance the system,” he said. “We’ll also study how many people apply for the certificate in a day.”

Security clearance certificate is one of the most important document a Bhutanese must have to apply for citizenship, employment, licenses, higher education, promotions, travel documents and loans.

SCC generated through the trial run will however remain invalid. “People should follow the regular procedure to produce certificates till then.” Jigme said.

With the system, an applicant is expected to receive the certificate within 24 hours of registration. Applicants will have the option of checking the status of their applications. Depending on applicants’ information, certificates will either be approved, left pending or rejected by law and order bureau, census and registration division and the police in Thimphu.

With the new update system, applicants can check the status of their application with citizenship card instead of memorising a unique number to track the status. People can re-submit the SCC application, if it is rejected or is left pending, without having to repeat the whole process with just the use of an identity card.

Once the formalities are done, no paper certificate as such will be issued, but a soft copy would be e-mailed to the concerned person. “The whole idea of not letting the applicants print SCC is to be make the system environment-friendly,” Jigme said.

The service is available at

Source: Kuenselonline


Yo m here 1. said...

It's not available in India herein d3lhi wen m applying for scs of bhutan